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We’re engaged!! Now what…?

So you’ve just got engaged to the man of your dreams and you know stuck on where to even begin with the planning!

Well I am here to help… I have come up with a plan for you which is broken down into months to weeks. It all sounds and looks really daunting but trust me this is where the fun starts:)



  • The first thing is you need to create a wedding file for you to keep track of everything or to do a wedding pinterest board. I would do both just so you can keep everything filed for reference i.e. quotes, recommendations, magazine cut outs etc as well as the pinterest board for inspiration and ideas.
  • Work out your budget (do it with your partner so you both on the same page).
  • This is the best time to hire a wedding planner if you would like.
  • Choose your date and venue (one is going to depend on the other).
  • Book an officiant.
  • Book the venue for your reception if it is going to be different to the ceremony venue.
  • Start planning who your guest list is. This will also help with budge regarding the venue, decor, design etc.
  • Plan the engagement party but just a heads up, the people you invite to your engagement party should be on your guest list for the wedding.


9 – 12 MONTHS

  • First things first is you need to order your wedding dress or book a dressmaker.
  • There might be a few things that your wedding venue may not include i.e. catering, DJ. You will need to hire them soon!
  • It is very important for you to hire a photographer and videographer. Meet them and test them out as you want the perfect fit for you and your soon to be.
  • Book a florist for your arrangements on the day. Refer back to your pinterest board to help you decide the look and feel you are going for.
  • Look for accommodation for out of town guests and pay for deposits.


6 – 9 MONTHS

  • This is the best time to meet your officiant just to make sure that everything is in order regarding paperwork etc.
  • Get your invitations made up as by now you should have your guest list in order. If you need someone to design them, call me 😉
  • Send out your Save the Dates, you can wait to do this at about 3 months before.
  • You would’ve also decided on your bridesmaids, groomsmen and flower girls so sort out their outfits now so you don’t have to worry about them closer to the time.
  • Where are you going on honeymoon? You and your soon to be need to decide where you going for your honeymoon. Overseas or local? If it is overseas, just double check your passport!


4 – 6 MONTHS

  • You and your soon to be need to decide on wedding bands for each other. You can either do it together or separately but just check on size and most importantly purchase your rings.
  • Start going on cake tastings! This is the best part!
  • It is a good idea to start looking for wedding shoes. Firstly, they really difficult to come by and you need to start wearing them in so they don’t hurt your feet on the day. And maybe take them to your dress fittings just in case.
  • Book a hairstylist and make-up artist for on the day of your wedding. Refer back to your pinterest board for ideas and do trials for both before the wedding.
  • Start choosing a playlist for your wedding. A good idea to make this easier is a glass of wine for each of you and endless amounts of music. Trust me, it’ll turn into an awesome night with loads of good music.
  • Start arranging the timeline for your big day.
  • Start organising venue decor if your venue isn’t supplying. These will be things like seat covers, vases, decore for the table etc.
  • Book a venue for your rehearsal dinner.
  • Put together a wedding registry if you are having one. There are different options for this as some people ask for money instead for their honeymoon etc.



  • Finalise the food menu with the venue or the caters.
  • Finalise the flowers for on the day arrangements.
  • If you are doing wedding favours, this is a time to sort it out.
  • You and your soon to be need to decide who is saying a speech and who will be your MC at the wedding.
  • Buy your wedding lingerie.
  • Book spa treatments for you and the girls for the week before the wedding.



  • Send out your wedding invitations
  • Meet with your photographer to go through the proceedings. Also, just go through again your pinterest inspiration on the look and feel of your photos.
  • Have menus and programmes printed for on the day stationery (again call me ;).
  • Write your vows if you are doing them.



  • Follow up with everyone who hasn’t yet RSVPed, just in case they have forgotten.
  • Do a seating plan as well as print out name place cards.
  • Have a final dress fitting and it is a good idea to bring a crew with you so that everyone knows how to dress you for your big day.



  • Have a good hair cut and colour if need be. Do it now just in case something goes wrong!
  • Let the DJ know of your final playlist but also include a list of all the songs you don’t want to hear.
  • Let the venue know of any additional information for your vendors i.e. fridges for the cake, plugs for the DJ etc.



  • Give the venue and the caters a final head count as well as finalise times, dates and final details with them.
  • Make sure that everything is printed and correct for on the day stationery. Hand over everything to the venue for on the dat setup.
  • Organise for the wedding gifts to be taken away and dropped off at your allocated destination.
  • Pick up your dress 🙂
  • Make sure that the everything is in order with the bridesmaids, groomsmen and flower girls.
  • Make final or outstanding payments to the venue and vendors as well as organise a cash tip jar for the waiters on the day.
  • Organise snacks and drinks for the dressing rooms.
  • Get your mani and pedi done for you and the girls.



  • Relax!!
  • Rehearse the ceremony with the team.
  • Introduce the important people to the venue management i.e. go to people.


And then finally, it’s your big day. Just remember to eat breakfast, drink lots of water and champagne (to calm the nerves). Everything will be fine and if it isn’t someone will sort it out, not you!

Lots of Love











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